NOVEMBER 24, 2010 – It now 4 am in the morning and I’m sitting at my desk writing my first “blog” for over a month now. Been extremely busy and it just hadn’t been enough time to get one moment to sit quietly and write. Although I’ve been writing every day for the Northern Pen.

The fall flew by so fast, so fast that only now I realize that December month is just around the corner. So many things  happened since my last entry.

We had a musical festival in Lourdes, first one ever, was a great success,

Charlie Payne, the accordion player from Newfoundland who still has all his hair was here, Jody Rice from Corner Brook and Peter Jacobs, the up and coming new singer.  Writes awesome songs.  He says he only started writing songs three years ago. Something must have let loose in his brain, because he has something there, great lyrics. Good luck Peter, keep it coming.

I met up with two vagabonds from Germany who were in Labrador at the Lighthouse in Pt Amour last week, their names are Olaf and Simone Patt,

They built a home on the back of a utility vehicle and are determined to travel the world. If they make it through Labrador at this time of the year on the dirt road from here to Goose Bay and then to the Quebec border at the end of the road from Labrador City to Baie Comeau, then their journey will hold no bounds.  *see northern pen story next week

I was so intrigued with their adventure, I almost jumped in the truck as a stow away.  I wish now I would have gotten on the road like I planned myself this summer and travel the island and nova scotia. Time lost is gone forever.   So far they travelled all across Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, most of Europe and Africa. What a wonderful way to enjoy life, they sold their home to travel, imagine if we all did that, just think no more taxes, only on gas.

Safe travels Simone and Olaf.

Now for my own journey, as of this weekend Nov 26, ill be on the road to Nova Scotia, no telling where I’ll end up to as I’ll be there promoting my book.  Sorry for the long wait for my next book, its been a slow process as with writing, when it hits you, you have to be at the comp for hours and hours, a whole day can slip by without looking at the clock esp when its necessary to get it all down while the clock inside my head is ticking. YES, ITS COMING. Making progress, after this trip, I will be moving fast on a lot of things.  And I have no intentions of letting another month fly by without results.

More good things has happened, my daughter and my grand daughter are back. Emma is the light of my life,  just yesterday, she told me she thinks her brain is getting old.  And she’s only five, can you imagine?

She has quite the imagination, I know she will go far. The day she was born, she captured my spirit. Her mother was so quiet and timid, when she was that age, Emma now knows what she wants, and she is so loving she has me wrapped right around her little finger.  A few days ago, when she and I were having a quiet moment and she wanted to cream my face with Aveeno, I said to her, when you grow up are you going to be Nanny’s nurse, no, she said, I’m going to be a singer.

And I believe she will be.

Another thing that happened, five women from St. Augustine came esp to visit me while on their trip to Blanc Sablon. One of them was actually working at the hospital in Long Point before I went away to school in 1963. it was an awesome visit girls, I enjoyed every moment. I hope you saw your story in the Northern Pen.

My story, Broken Wings have travelled far now, but will travel even farther as there is a new direction for it on the wind.  It’s a national best seller now.  I’ve had so many thousands of emails and calls and visits. Thanks everyone, you keep me warm inside with your wonderful comments and prayers.

I also had the good fortune to meet Josie Penney on my way to Nova Scotia. Fate must had intended it that way because we missed each other here in Blanc Sablon. We spent the whole night getting to know each other although her life story So Few On Earth is so much like mine, we could be sisters.  You must read her story, its in most book stores across Canada. And Europe and United States. She has a book reading on Parliament on Nov 29, sorry I can’t be there Josie, but Good Luck. Ill see you and Keith on my way through, I’ll keep you posted on my whereabouts.  Josie is from Cartwright. Like me it took her a lot of years to get it all out of her system.  But her story will go far. Look for her online.

After next week I will know if I’m getting on the road and continuing farther up the Maritimes or to Ontario. If so, Kevin@ Saltjunk, I’ll be stopping by to see you and all your wonderful people.  I love to meet you all. Thanks once again for all your support. Hope you’re all safe. I’ll keep you all informed through my website. If I am in Ontario, I’ll call ahead of time. In the meantime, hope you are all safe and well.

Got my winter wood stacked in the shed, heaters in my cottage, all prepared for winter, yet, I think ill go to Corner Brook for the winter if I can find an apt.

We are having a new coastal boat come next spring. Called Bella Desgagnes, she’ll be replacing the Relais Nordik from Baie Comeau to Blanc Sablon. So much more has happened, and now the time is come for me to pack my van, got the winter tires on yesterday, cost a small fortune, but nothing like studs on for the winters we have and be prepared for Friday.

So until I return, embrace winter like it’s a long lost friend Keep your face to the sun, every chance you see it poking though those long dark days and always keep ahead of the wind.

I’ll be back.

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